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Different Types of Arthritis and How to Treat Them

Different Types of Arthritis and How to Treat Them

Arthritis disease has various forms but they are all common when it comes to inflammation and joint pain. A medical staffing provider might hear that not all clients complain about inflammation but all feel discomfort. The popular three occurring arthritic conditions you might always hear include:

  1. Rheumatoid Arthritis
    The inflammation in this autoimmune disease is caused by the attack of someone’s own immune system. It often swells and provokes severe pain, which is why they are hiring a home care professional in Michigan for assistance.
  2. Osteoarthritis
    In this condition, a person can feel a bony structure in his or her joint due to the cartilaginous tissue causing the joint to move with restriction. Hence, the person will feel grinding pain.
  3. Gout
    An inactive lifestyle and decreased or no physical activity is one cause for the occurrence of gout disease. Because of inactivity, the serum uric acid increases and creates crystal formation in the joint causing pain.

Common symptoms include stiffness, tenderness, pain, grating sensation, loss of flexibility, swelling, and bone spurs. The risk factors are old age, obesity, bone deformities, and joint injuries.

A possible way to alleviate the pain is through physical therapy, medication, or hot water immersion. Be sure to consult your doctor or professional therapists before undergoing any therapeutic program.

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