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Rehab in Farmington Hills, Michigan

The Benefits of Physical Therapy for Your Senior Loved Ones

Physical therapy aims to help people with medical conditions or limited mobility to move and function normally in their day-to-day activities. It also encourages lifestyle changes and activities that will improve the overall well-being of a senior loved one. Why physical therapy? Here are more of its benefits: It reduces physical pain Physical therapy is … Continue reading

The Age-Related Changes in the Heart and Blood Vessels

The heart and blood vessels change as people age. Aging is an independent risk factor for some cardiovascular diseases, such as coronary artery disease, heart attack, and vascular diseases. Here are some of the age-related changes in the cardiovascular system: Heart As people get older, the heart increases in size, resulting in larger chambers and … Continue reading

The Key Benefits of Occupational Therapy for Seniors

If you want your senior loved ones to enjoy a better quality of life, you need to focus on helping them improve their day-to-day life skills. You can hire an occupational therapist with a specialty in geriatrics who is qualified to design specialized exercises to meet your loved ones’ needs. Here are some of the … Continue reading

Fall Prevention: How to Prevent Falls at Home

One of the most common places where fall injuries occur is inside the home. That is why you need to hire a home care professional in Michigan to keep you safe and sound in the comforts of your home. Or you may need to implement simple home improvements to prevent falls and avoid serious injuries. … Continue reading

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How to Take Charge of Your Heart Health

The risk factors of cardiovascular disease are split into two categories: modifiable and non-modifiable. The non-modifiable risk factors are associated with a person’s age, genetics, and ethnicity. On the other hand, the modifiable risk factors are those that can be controlled through altered behavior. These factors include smoking, having a sedentary lifestyle, eating unhealthy food, … Continue reading

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Being Safe and Sound in the Comfort of Your Home!

Because of age-related conditions, seniors face a lot of limitations when it comes to performing certain tasks. This causes them to be more prone to accidents such as falls and slips, especially at home. That is why a home care professional in Michigan is usually needed to help avoid incidents when seniors are left alone … Continue reading

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